Red Light LED treatment increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, encouraging the increase of collagen synthesis and healing. It supports ageing skin by firming and toning while providing a hydrating, healing and anti-aging treatment. Skin renewal and revitalisation of ageing skin. 

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Blue Light LED treatment works to reduce acne-causing bacteria - damaging and killing the bacteria.  It slows down the sebaceous activity, increases skin hydration and helps to clear acne and congestion while reducing redness/inflammation, providing a more even-looking complexion.

​Indicated for Grade 1-2 acne, breakouts and for skin clarity.


Green Light LED treatment targets skin tone correction (Hyperpigmentation - melasma) and detoxifies the skin by reducing irritation and sensitivity.  It is an amazing light to help improve Rosacea Flairs, reduce redness and calm the skin post IPL treatments.

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Yellow Light LED treatment helps to decreases inflammation by encouraging circulation, boosting the body's immune system and ability to heal and rejuvenate.  It is excellent for stressed, sensitive skin.  It relaxes the nervous system, boosts the immune system, increases lymphatic circulation, reduces erythema (redness) and pigmentation and increases dermal thickness and hydration in the skin.  You really can't go wrong by choosing this one!