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   lift  | tone  | firm  |  revitalise


Express Lunchtime Lift -                                           45 min     $180


Lifting & Face Contouring -                                     60 min    $260


Zone Target Treatment-                                           30 min  from   $85


Meso Stretchmark & Scar Treatment -                  45 min  from $195

Needle Free Mesotherapy Facials can truly be considered the "diamonds in the rough" when it comes to wellness and efficacious anti-aging treatments.


A new system for intra-dermal delivery of active ingredients.  The treatment assists in the battle of anti-ageing, the results are visible and the facial muscles are lifted, firmed and toned back to their once youthful appearance.  At the same time, the treatments have been clinically proven to increase circulation and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.  This improves skin tone and texture and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

Mesotherapy is a safe, painless and non-invasive cosmetic treatment combining four stimuli to help tone, lift and firm facial muscles, reactive nerves and infuse a cocktail combination of active ingredients to assist with anti-ageing  of the skin.

Mesotherapy can be used both on Face & Body and is also utilised for as a hair (scalp) stimulant to help increase hair growth.


Facial Treatment

What is needle free mesotherapy therapy?

Mesotherapy engages in low-level electrical current combined with ultrasound and electroporation applied to the treatment zone. It is an in-clinic treatment to both muscle and nerve re-educating/rehabilitating and an anti-ageing facial toning to reveal a more youthful appearance.​​

How does it work?

A facial typically takes 45 minutes and engages electrode handpiece applied with light pressure to targeted areas of the skin/facial muscles. Our body tissue is equipped with its own electrical frequency and microcurrent uses low-level electrical currents to mirror or restore these cellular frequencies to a healthy, balanced level.

We chose mesotherapy as it offers a sophisticated approach to anti-ageing that works to lift, tone and firm sagging facial muscles to their original position and shape while also increasing the natural production of collagen and elastin to reveal a radiant, smooth, revitalised complexion with improved facial contour.


Who can benefit from the treatment?

Mesotherapy facials are proven to work and are safe for all ages and skin types. * Some contra-indications applies to the treatment*


​Can Mesotherapy facials be combined with other skincare and services?

​Yes, Mesotherapy facials can be combined with a number of other treatments to meet individual needs.

How often is a Mesotherapy facials recommended?

​For best results we recommend a course of treatment of 6-8 (weekly or for optimum results 2 x treatments per week can be performed)

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