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The treatment leads to rejuvenation and brightening of the skin through safe micro-needle mesotherapy. Dedicated to people who want to moisturize and even out their skin tone. Already after the first treatment, sun discolouration caused by acne or photoaging is significantly reduced.


Skin Needling  + BB Glow Skin serum is used in the case of:

- dehydrated, matte and grey skin

- uneven colour,

- sunspots, senile spots located on the face, neck, décolleté, hands

- reducing the visibility of freckles, pores.


The effects visible after using Skin Needling micro needle mesotherapy with BB GLOW SKIN serum are:

- gradual, increasing brightening effect,

- revitalization and hydration of the skin,

- restoring even skin tone and radiant complexion,

- free radical neutralization,

- reduction of discolouration,

- stimulating epidermal renewal.

Rebuild, restore, revitalise and brighten your skin.  Best recommended in a course of 4 - 6 treatments

BB Glow Glass Facial Full Face  & Neck                                        $295

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