Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Sick of filling your brows with pencils and powder?

Looking for fuller brows that lasts even when you swim?

Tired of applying your eyeliner or lipliner?


Our expert technician can help you achieve a natural make-up look

24/7! 0btain the perfect colour and shape of your eyebrows and eyeliner using cosmetic tattooing with a natural finish.

Gone are the days of 'block tattoos'. We create the tattoo using a feathering technique to compliment your shape and existing hair gradient.


Micro-pigmentation is the long-lasting cosmetic make-up for eyebrows, eye-lining, lip-lining and full lip creation which offers the convenience of freedom from the daily make-up application.


Micro-pigmentation Consultation                   $45

A 1-hour consultation is required before commencing any micro-pigmentation at our clinic.  This is to ensure all medical history and medication does not adversely affect the service performed.  It is also to make you fully aware of the process, go through aftercare, do any test patches (if necessary) and establish whether micro pigmentation is suitable for you.


How long will it last & how often should a Touch up be done? 

It can last 1-5 years depending on your skin’s tone, skin condition, metabolism, medication, lifestyle, inks and application. For eyebrows, our application is softer and more natural-looking and not tattooed deep into your skin like a block tattoo hence the need for possible touch-ups in the near future.  Micro-pigmentation is a 2 step process, usually 6 weeks apart.  It is important to complete both sessions to ensure optimum lasting results.


Price guide

Eyebrow Full - first visit                                            from                $380

Eyebrow Follow up - 6-8 weeks after                                              $135

Eyelash Enhancement  (Upper or lower) - lash line                      $295

Eyelash Enhancement  (Upper  and lower) - lash line                  $495

Eyeliner Follow up - 6-8 weeks after                    from                   $135

Lip Liner- shape & definition to the lips                                          $345

Full lip Fill- natural color to your lips                                             $495

Areola / Nipple – after reconstruction (each)     from                  $375

Touch up*   

Existing Client annual Touch up  (12 – 15 months)                        $150

15 – 24 months                                                                                    $225

Over 2 years are deemed as a New Set

 *Please enquire on the price for touch up of another Artist work.