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90 minutes


All first-time skin clients are required to have an advanced skin analysis, prior to booking an advanced treatment with us.  

Using the information you provide us about your health, wellbeing, skin concerns, and products currently used, combined with our advanced diagnostic techniques and equipment this will enable us to determine your majority skin type and skincare needs. Please allow up to 90 minutes for your booking.


On the day of your consultation:

  1. You are required to wear no makeup or product.

  2. We request that you bring a list of all medications, supplements, skincare and makeup currently used to your appointment.


Included in your Skin Analysis:

  1. Complimentary Mini Facial and LED

  2. A complete homecare regime, internal supplement recommendation, and an effective plan of professional treatments will be prescribed.


Only the highest quality products are used that offer proven results in restoring, reviving, and regenerating your skin. 


*Please note:  Pay only $50 for your Skin Analysis if prescribed products are purchased on the day.  Instore product promotions may apply to your purchase on the day of consult.


25 minutes


Once you've started your skin journey with us, we don't just leave you there. We continue to support you, checking on how your skin is adapting to the new routine. This is the appointment where we can make any adjustments to ensure you are receiving the best outcome.

As we prepare the skin, prior to performing advanced or specialized treatments this appointment allows us to assess readiness for the next steps for your skin health journey.

This booking can be made 2 - 4 weeks post your initial consultation.  

*Redeemable on a product or in-clinic skin treatment.*

45 minutes


Before you invest in good quality products we recommend you have a Skin Evaluation to make sure that you are choosing the best skincare range for your unique skin needs and budget.

Our skin consultations are intensive - not just the quick look over and splash off some product.

We believe that in order to serve you best, we need to spend the time getting to know you to get it right. We look, feel, touch, photograph and ask lots of questions. Too many times we have seen people who have been misdiagnosed and recommended the incorrect equipment and treatment regime for the condition that has been presented to us. This is where our passion really shines. 

Your Skin Evaluation starts with a consultation form to help us understand what your needs and concerns are. Your skin is then cleansed and followed with a skin analysis, your moisture level tested and this will give us an accurate result to see what is really going on with your skin. After thoroughly examining your skin we finish with a moisturizer and SPF.


Your skin therapist will advise you on the best skincare range for your skin and give you a written plan for treatment recommendations along with any nutritional supplements or skin-foods that would particularly benefit your skin.


*Redeemable on a product or in-clinic skin treatment.*


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