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Pre-Consultation                                                             $45

Required prior to your 1st treatment and redeemable on the package at the time of consult

Single Handpiece                                                            $399 

Dual Handpiece                                                               $550


Prepay for 3 treatments & get $100 off


​Cryolipolysis target the common problem areas of unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat that can be difficult to treat with diet and exercise alone.  By using interchangeable vacuum applicators tailored to suit the treatment area, our services non-invasively trim, tones and contours by chilling fatty subcutaneous tissue to the point of destruction, without damaging the surrounding tissue.  The body then naturally removes the cells though it’s a normal elimination process. 

Please note:  Cryolipolysis is designed for the treatment of spot reduction of fat, and should not be used as a weight-loss solution. *Some contraindications do apply.


  • Reduce and Eliminate stubborn Fat

  • Reshape of “problem” areas

  • Can improve the appearance of cellulite

  • Treat two areas at once with a dual system

  • No downtime& Non-invasive – Walk-in, walkout


Suitable for:

  • Anyone with a build-up unevenly stored fat and stubborn fat pockets.

  • A BMI of 29 or lower is a good candidate for the Cryolipo-reduction procedure.

Frequency recommendation:  3 treatments per area at 5-week intervals.


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