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The revolutionary Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment is becoming increasingly popular as clients are receiving immense benefits for both skin treatments and hair removal.

IPL can effectively treat and correct a wide range of beauty issues – it can improve acne, sun damage, mottled pigmentation, sun-induced freckles, age spots, damaged capillaries and the redness often experienced by Rosacea sufferers.

IPL works great in photo-rejuvenation to repair skin and stimulate the lower dermis. This increases your natural collagen by up to 43% and is a technique that delivers amazing results for fine lines & wrinkles and skin hydration.

IPL / SHR is an effective method used for hair removal and preferred by many to other hair removal methods. This technique delivers amazing results. Many people have achieved their desired outcomes with IPL which has boosted their self-esteem, confidence and appearance.

At Beautworx Medispa we have professional, experienced and qualified technicians to provide our IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments, so you are in safe hands. We offer a wide range of treatments and will be happy to discuss your concerns with you.  

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