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Hair removal only                                          $55

Express Facial                                                 $115

Deluxe Facial with Peel, LED & Mask          $175

Dermaplaning also referred to as microplaning, blading or epidermal levelling.  This non-invasive, non-inflammatory and painless treatment is a skin treatment that uses a specialized blade - similar to a surgical scalpel - to remove fine excess vellus hair growth otherwise known as "Peach Fuzz" from the skin.  It also is very effective facial treatment which provides a deep exfoliation and aims to give facial skin a smooth, youthful, and radiant appearance.


Dermaplaning is ideal for:

  • "Peach Fuzz" hair removal

  • Improvement of the skin tone and overall texture

  • Better skincare penetration

  • Effective facial treatment to exfoliate the skin

  • Helps with the skin rejuvenation process

  • Fantastic for a prep prior to professional makeup application for your special day

  • Make up application as it creates a hairless smoother skin

  • Delivering a brighter, smooth and radiant appearance

There is no downtime or recovery with this treatment and safe for all skin types.


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is also known as epidermal levelling or blading.  A form of advanced manual exfoliation, performed primarily on the face.  It is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment designed to make skin feel smoother, and make it appear healthier and more youthful.


It significantly enhances the penetration of active ingredients for a renewed, refreshed complexion. A great alternative for those who don't like the sensation of Microdermabrasion.  This treatment is also used for the removal of unsightly vellus hair (fine facial hair growth) otherwise known as “peach fuzz”, as it instantly removes the facial hair from the surface of your skin.  There is no increase in hair growth and hair growth slows down with each treatment. This treatment is an ideal 'pick me up' and great prior to a special occasion. 

How is Dermaplaning performed?

Dermaplaning is effective and saves the exfoliation procedure.  It uses a sterile surgical scalpel and blade to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin.  This procedure makes the skin look and feels smoother.

Is Dermaplaning right for you?

Dermaplaning is recommended for clients who want a non-surgical, non-invasive, affordable skin rejuvenation treatment – with a focus on quick treatment sessions, no recovery time, and no major side effects.  This is a good choice for anyone who's skin is sensitive, suffers with redness and has visible facial veins.  It is ideal for those with uneven skin tone, acne scarring, large or clogged pores and fine lines.  Nearly all skin types can benefit from Dermaplaning, as long as there are no severe pustular or cystic breakouts going on. People with very dry, sensitive, thin and easily irritated skin should avoid dermaplaning with a peel - this is just too much exfoliation for your delicate skin.

The best way to determine if Dermaplaning is right for you is to consult with a qualified Aesthetician.  Following a personalised skin and history consultation, they will be able to determine which treatment is the most appropriate skin rejuvenation treatment option for you.

Is Dermaplaning safe?

This treatment is safe for all skin types & is ideal for dull, dehydrated skin, giving your skin a more youthful appearance in just one treatment with absolutely no downtime.

How often can you Dermaplane?

Dermaplaning is recommended every 3-4 weeks.  Every time you get dermaplaned, you are removing up to three weeks of 'peach fuzz" and ready to shed cells.

Does hair grow back after Dermaplane?

Many people are under the impression that shaving hair causes it to grow back thicker and darker, but that is actually not the case.  Dermaplaning will not cause the vellus hair on your face to grow back thicker or darker.  Re-growth after blading may feel slightly different because the hair has been cut straight across. 


Is Dermaplaning permanent?

No dermaplaning is not permanent.  Shifting cells, cannot stop hair from growing

Does dermaplaning hurt?

Dermaplaning is a very gentle and rather relaxing way to exfoliate the skin.  The end result to Dermaplaning is an incredibly smooth feel to the skin and a radiant appearance.

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