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A wax is a wax, right?

Actually no, there is a big difference.

We use a totally disposable waxing system that prevents cross-contamination between you and any other client. We use strip wax for legs & larger body areas, leaving your skin calm, smooth and hydrated after your waxing treatment. 

Disposable hot wax is used for bikini line, underarm & facial areas as these are more sensitive.


Upper Lip  -  ­all gone in a moment                    $14

Chin-  Whiskered away in a flash                       $17

Lip & Chin Duo                                                    $26

Lip, Chin & Neck                                                $40

Sides of the face - clear and clean again ...     $27

Full face  -  Chin, Upper lip & sides of face    $50



Half Leg Upper                                                    $35

 3/4 Leg                                                                 $45

Half Leg Lower                                                    $32

Full Leg                                                                 $57

Inner thigh - from bikini to knee             from $25

Back of thighs                                             from $25

(under buttocks to the knee)



Underarm                                                              $23

Full Arm                                                                 $30

Half Arm                                                                $25



Brazilian                                                                 $55

Brazilian XXX– Hollywood                                 $60

Brazilian Maintenance                                         $45

– must be every 4 weeks or less                               

Bikini Line - Standard                                          $25

Bikini Line - G-String                                         $35



Breast area  -  around the nipples                   from $10

Snail Trail  -  from bellybutton to top of bikini  From $15

Lower back to buttocks  -  reveal it             from $35

Buttocks-  Bikini ready                                   from  $25


Waxing prices for female waxing only.

More waxing areas available (please enquire)

$5 off treatment when 2 or more areas are treated at the same appointment.

*Cannot be used with already reduced Combo's***



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