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Choose from one of our Corrective Facials and start your skin health journey

Here is where you can get creative, we give you free rein to choose your own facial! (of course with a bit of guidance).  This is a rapid way to improve the skin’s texture and tone.  Recommended in a course of treatments and combining products and technology to help solve and deal with your skin concerns. 

PRP Therapy with Derma Frax            75 min     $195

PRP Therapy with Meso Therapy       75 min     $195  

Skin remodelling Plasma Lift Effect.  Inspired  by regenerative medicine, this non-invasive treatment is aimed at comprehensive and total rejuvenation of mature skin prone to wrinkles and photoaging.  The therapy gives spectacular anti-aging effects in combination with other medical aesthetic therapies.

The use of either Micro-needling skin roller / Derma Frax Stamp or Needle-Free Meso Therapy Technology is incorporated in this Transforming Facial.


For optimum results a treatment course is recommended.


Recommended frequency:
4-8 procedures each conducted 14-28 days

Meno Women Definition Therapy        60min  $150

The first dermo aesthetic, phytohormonal skin therapy Facial for mature skin to restore the hormonal balance in the skin and eliminate the signs of skin ageing related to estrogen deficiency!

The therapy effectively slows down processes of endogenous skin ageing associated with a decrease in estrogen levels, intensification of glycation processes and oxidative stress.

Research shows that within the first 5 years after menopause, the level of collagen in the skin is reduced by as much as 30%.

The role of the Women Definition line is to combat all the effects of ageing - before, during and after menopause.  Restoring a younger appearance during hormonal changes.

We recommend the Women Definition Skincare line in conjunction with an in-clinic treatment course for optimum results.

Neuro Sensi Therapy                                  60min  $140

Designed for hypersensitive, irritated, capillary and rosacea-prone skin.  Ingredients used in the skincare has a neurosensory effect on the vessels and sensory receptors.  It also actively monitors inflammation factors, vascular problems and sensation neuroreceptors.

This facial is especially recommended for skin that requires targeted and long-term care which restores proper skin functions and improves the comfort of life.

Recommended in a treatment course and homecare prescription for best results.

Neuro GABA & NANO Therapy                60min     $150

A rapid intense lifting, anti-aging, banquet treatment before a night out. Neurotransmitters in combination with a lactic acid smooth furrows and improve skin tension (“freezing effect”). After treatment, immediate wrinkles filling in (“plumping effect”) and skin looks fully moisturised (“hydro effect”) . Hyaluronic acid strengthens rejuvenation effect..

Recommended for Skins with first signs of aging, loss of elasticity and mature skins with wrinkles.

Intensity: Mild to Medium Intense

Treatment series: 5-10 depending on expectations and condition of skin

Frequency of treatment:  Every 10-14 days

Pro Age Peptide  Therapy                        60min     $150

Powerful lifting, tightening, and contouring.  A non-invasive wrinkle smoothing treatment with the effects of anti-wrinkle injections without the needles.


A rejuvenating treatment for mature skin to restore skin's elasticity, firmness.  These professional treatments and use of skincare line can be used as an alternative for aesthetic treatments as well as an enhancement to prolong  the effects of the treatments.

Recommended in a course of treatments for best results.

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