Massage restores balance & wellbeing, relaxes tense muscles and allows the body to move more freely.  It relieves the mind from stress & anxiety while stimulating and increasing lymphatic flow.

‘Ahh Bliss’ Currently Unavailable                              

 30 min   $55 

 60 min    $85

This relaxation massage is perfect if you want to unwind from your daily stresses. We combine aromatherapy with relaxation Swedish strokes to help calm your mind and restore your spirit.


Rock me Bliss’ Currently Unavailable                      

 60 min   $90     

 90 min    $120

The nurturing warmth and weight of the stones combined with Swedish relaxation strokes are used to help soothe and relieve tired, tense, aching muscles.  Your therapist can apply deeper pressure without any discomfort to help improve blood circulation and bring back balance into your life. You will feel pampered.

‘Melt away the stress that lies within your daily life’