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Massage restores balance & well-being relaxes tense muscles and allows the body to move more freely.  It relieves the mind from stress & anxiety while stimulating and increasing lymphatic flow.

‘Ahh Bliss’ Signature Facial

This deeply relaxing massage is perfect if you want to unwind from your daily stresses. We combine essential oil blends with relaxation Swedish strokes, to help soothe and ease tension, calm your mind and restore your inner balance.

30 min   $60

45 min   $80 

60 min   $95     

 75 min    $120

'Rock Me' Hot Stone Massage           

The nurturing warmth and weight of the stones combined with Swedish relaxation strokes are used to help soothe and relieve tired, tense, aching muscles.  Your therapist can apply deeper pressure without any discomfort to help improve blood circulation and bring back balance into your life.  You will leave feeling pampered.               

30 min   $65

45 min   $85 

60 min   $100    

 75 min    $120

Traditional Thai Massage      60 min   $100      90 min   $130      120 min   $170  Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing massage.  It involves a unique method of using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and foot pressure on the muscles. Gentle yoga-based stretching and deep massage is a key point of Traditional Thai Massage as it helps to stimulate and balance the energy flow and release blockages, leading to improved flexibility and circulation, increased vitality, well-being, reduced muscle tension and centres our body and mind.


This massage is oil-free, the therapist may use Thai Herbal Balm to help release muscle tension, particularly in your problem areas, *please let your therapist know if you do not want the balm*.

 *For this massage you need to wear loose-fitting pants for the stretching movements.  This massage is NOT suitable for pregnant ladies.

Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage

Thai Herbal Ball is a Thai therapy that mixes a variety of herbal ingredients, packed in a cotton bag, steamed until hot and then compressed into the muscles. This treatment is highly recommended for sore, tight muscles, aches and pains.  The heated Herbal Ball is used in combination with Thai Hot Oil Massage and together it improves circulation and decreases tension.

Please note:  The ingredients in the herbal ball may leave a yellow colour on the body and as the Herbal Ball can get very hot, we request that you let your therapist know if you feel uncomfortable.  **Thai Herbal balls can be purchased at your 1st appointment and kept onsite for your next**


Aromatherapy Massage

This is our most popular treatment and is highly recommended. We use quality essential oil which is warmed for your entire massage.  When applied to the body, this creates a beautiful relaxing feeling.


This is a gentler form of massage that creates a calming effect and can be helpful in reducing muscle tension, improving the circulation system and promoting relaxation of the body and mind.  This massage is performed with a deeper pressure - please let your therapist know if you require a lighter pressure.

Thai Hot Oil Massage

A firm, deep Tissue Massage, that is designed to reach the deep sections of thick muscles. Using strong targeted muscle compression, pressure points to release muscle tension.


*This treatment uses elbows and you may ask your therapist for a softer or harder pressure at any time.

Foot Reflexology                                                 60 min                        $85

Foot massage is a great way to decrease the tension in the lower part of your legs, concentrating on your feet, using the pressure point technique with Traditional Thai Balm.  The heat of the balm helps stimulate blood circulation and reduce stiffness.

Your therapist may use a small wooden stick to apply pressure and focus on the reflex zones of the feet.

*This treatment is suitable for pregnant women only between 14-30 weeks (prior or after this period, we can only perform a gentle Foot Massage).

Aroma Foot Spa   NEW!!!                                 90 min                        $140

Looking for a treatment to help reduce stress, and tension and provide relaxation; a treatment that helps with circulation and mind clearing?  Our Aroma Foot Spa Treatment ticks all the boxes.

This treatment is a perfect refreshment for stressed and tired feet and legs.   This massage alternates between light and strong pressure working on soft connective tissue and Asian reflexology is an important part of this treatment.  Pressure to specific points on the feet will be applied to help balance the body holistically.

Hardworking feet will feel soothed and renewed with this restorative 'feet treat' This is NOT your ordinary PEDI & POLISH, this is all about body boosting and tension purging.

Start your treatment with a warm foot soak, then lie back, put your feet up, and enjoy a synergy of scrubs, heel exfoliation followed by a leg and foot massage using warm stones and massage to take this treatment into overdrive. This treatment offers up the best in wellness pamper, it's gentle and restorative, it's robust and rewarding, and knot-releasing kneading of the legs; With long gentle strokes the tight muscles are teased and legs are stretched and flexed.  Precise percussion finger movements starting at your feet, working all the way up to your thighs and walking on sensitive zones to reset the stress levels to almost ZERO.

As you relax with a foot mask, a scalp massage will release tension, calm the mind and leave you feeling grounded from head to toe.  From the very beginning, you know you're in for something special. A Health-giving, therapeutic full leg and foot massage to help improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing.  We look forward to treating and relaxing you!


‘Melt away the stress that lies within your daily life’


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