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What is LED treatment and what does it target?

LED treatments utilise over 4000 powerful LED lights - to deliver different lights  in wavelength form into the skin.  Colour red, yellow, green and blue is standard,- we are excited that our newest device has now got 3 additional colours and an added skin booster (INFRARED) added.  We are now able to target even more skin conditions. We are super excited that our newest device also enables us to target the face with 4 different colours in 1 treatment.  This lights / wavelengths are designed to target a diverse range of common skin concerns including acne, congestion, redness, pigmentation, uneven tone and texture, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing on the face, neck and décolletage. We can also treat pain & inflammation associated with soft tissue, muscle joint, bone and injuries.

​Are LED Facials suitable for me?

Treatments are suitable for all skin types and concerns and will be customised for you based on your individual skin needs.  Your therapist will complete a consultation to select the right treatment plan for you and assess your suitability for LED.

How many treatments are required before I can see results?

Most LED clients will experience a visible improvement from their first treatment.  To achieve optimal results, we recommend a series of 6-8 LED facials. 2 per week would be ideal over a 4 week period. We also offer the convenience of an at Home LED Mask if you're unable to make it into the clinic as frequent.

​How long do LED treatments take?

Whilst most clients will spend 20 minutes under the LED device during their facial, LED treatments are often combined with other facial services to enhance treatment outcomes.  Ask your therapist for more information about the LED facial services we provide.

Can LED treatments be combined with other technology services?

LED makes an ideal addition to other technology-enhanced facials and can be combined with services such as Facials, Shibata Skin Needling, CIT (Skin Needling), IPL, Carbon Facials, HIFU & Teeth Whitening.

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