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What is HIFU?

The cutting-edge High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology is the ultimate tightening and

contouring solutions to restore youth without downtime by targeting three key skin layers.


The treatment is extremely effective in stimulating collagen reproduction and triggers neo collagenases

(naturally in the skin for new growth collagen), smoothing lines and wrinkles, including brow-ptosis, sagging of

neck & jawline and bring definition back - under eyes, neck & forehead.

How does the treatment work?

With the precise delivery of focused ultrasound energy, it skips the epidermis layer leaving it completely intact with no scarring or damage caused to the top layer.  The ultrasound energy generates low levels of heat in the different targeted skin layers to achieve tissue rejuvenation and to boost collagen production. Travels deep into the skin and targets the suitable area, where this will transform the skin at each layer.


The energy which is delivered at around 65 degrees will produce a thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibres & SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System).  The healing process will lead to cell and tissue rejuvenation, achieving a lifted and tightened effect on the skin.  The process also boosts collagen production.


HIFU targets various skin layers to improve skin structures; the skin tightening and lifting effect is highly significant. HIFU is equipped with different Transducers to generate ultrasound to reach 3 different skin layers.  Each transducer offers an effectively response to treat each layer:

  • The heat can shrink the entire SMAS fascia, achieving an effective face lifting and firming result.

  • Target the lower layer of the dermis to boost collagen generation, therefore improve skin elasticity, skin tightening and reduce wrinkles.

  • The heat reaches this upper layer dermis will stimulate the production of collagen, minimizes pores, improves skin tone and soften fine lines.

When will I notice results?

After just one treatment, it will provide immediate results – fewer wrinkles, tighter jowls, smaller pores, a noticeable V-shaped face, the skin is tightened and rejuvenated. It will also improve skin texture and minimize surface imperfections and lifts skin.​ ​Some results will be seen instantly but with optimum results seen at 12 weeks post-treatment when the collagen regeneration process effects can be noticed. Within two months after the treatment, the improvement in face lifting, wrinkles reduction, skin tone and elasticity will become more obvious. The face lifting effect and skin texture improvement will be more significant and last even longer, therefore achieving a reverse aging effect, bringing back your youthful skin.


​How long will my results last?​

The effects from the initial treatment can last from 18 months up to 3 years.​

Is the treatment painful?

It is virtually pain-free and effects vary on the person's pain threshold.  A slight tingling

the sensation can be felt during the treatment and some areas may be a bit more sensitive

than others.

Is there downtime?

It is a fantastic alternative to Bt-toxin and toxins such as Botox for those that don't like the

idea of having something injected. No downtime, no time off work, no scarring or bruising,

no bleeding, no cutting, no needles and the results are natural-looking.

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