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Body treatments help to lower your stress levels and let your skin glow!  Whether it’s a softening body scrub, hydrating, detoxifying or slimming Body wrap – we have an option for you.  Great as an add on to a massage or facial treatment. 

All our Body treatment wraps & scrubs are completed with a complimentary warm infused tea.


‘Clarify me’ Back & Shoulder                        45 min                                                                   $100

This powerful treatment targets the back & shoulder area. Exfoliating the skin, refining pores, smoothing uneven skin tone & reducing the appearance of blemishes & acne.

‘Cleanse me” Booty Scrub                           45 min                                                                    $100

Facial on the Flipside. No excuse to turn your back on a notoriously hard to reach & often neglected butt area. This treatment targets a variety of butt issues. The butt can be prone to dryness, flakiness, loss of elasticity, firmness, inflammation& Buttne (butt acne).  It’s time to get butt serious, your skin will feel healthy, cleansed & smoothed.



‘Polish me’                                                      90 min                                                                     $150

This treatment is designed to exfoliate & hydrate the skin and is perfect for sensitive skin - as the gentlest scrubs are used.  It will stimulate the lymphatic system and enhance your skin health.  This treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed, re-invigorated, renewed and glowing.


‘Detox me’                                                       120 min                                                                  $180

This nurturing treatment is designed to soften the skin & detoxify the body.  Full body exfoliation – which removes dull skin cells, then covered in a treatment clay – which aids in fat mobilizing and stimulating the lymphatic system – to help the body eliminate toxins.  A warm comforting wrap is applied to allow the clays to work deeply into the skin increasing blood circulation.  You will leave feeling purified, detoxed and refreshed.


‘Hydrate me’                                                    90 min                                                                  $150

This deeply relaxing oil treatment will stimulate the senses, get the lymphatic system boosted, soothe, plump & hydrate the skin.  It is designed to deeply relax, soothe body and mind and leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated and less stressed.


‘Slim me’                                                           120 min                                                                 $180

Want to slim & tone your body? Our Contour body wrap helps to tone and tighten your skin from head to toe. Proven results for toning, slimming, tightening and detoxifying.  This wrap can be done individually, is great for maintenance or for best results the contour wrap is performed in a series of 3 wraps over a 30 day period (7-10 days between treatments).

Make your Body Treatment even more lush with these add –ons:

‘Light me Up’ LED treatment                        20 min                                                                   $35

‘Beautify me’ Thai Facial                                30 min                                                                   $40

‘Shut Eye” Treatment                                     20 min                                                                   $25

'Relax Me' Extra Long massage                    30 min                                                                   $40


Body Treatments

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