Medi-Aesthetic Corrective Facials

Choose from one of our Corrective Facials or create your own

The ultimate decadent treatment!  Personally customised with a combination of skincare products, new generation Medi-peel and the latest technology, we customise your corrective facial to suit your skin type and concern.


For a facial as individual as you, look no further than our Corrective Facial.


These facials are designed for maximum results and are recommended weekly for a 6-8 week program.


*Clear me                                35min                          *$59

(Teenager / Student Facial  - *This facial is only available for students and pricing based on a weekly appointment.  Payment upfront is required and can be paid as a 6 or 8 treatment package)

This deep cleansing facial treatment allows the therapist to thoroughly decongest the skin, clarify and clear blemishes.  It also evens out skin tone and aids in the healing, recovery and inflammatory process of blemished skin.

Highly effective treatment for oily, congested and problematic skin conditions. Recommended weekly to assist & minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, skin coarseness, helps control blackheads and breakouts. Your skin will feel ‘clean’, refined and re-texturised

Exfoliate & Brighten me                   45min          $89

*This facial is only available at this pricing based on a weekly appointment Payment upfront is required and can be paid as 6 or 8 treatment package*

This 45-minute treatment has been designed to provide fresh radiant skin for those on the go with limited time.  After a deep cleanse, the skin will benefit from a gentle fruit acid or enzyme peel to promote skin rejuvenation and renewal.  Completed with a customised serum, lip & eye treatment, moisturiser & SPF to maximise hydration and skin radiance.  The skin will look bright, refined, nourished and plump.


Please note: Both facials above include LED Light Therapy **Extractions, Peels or Specialised Mask can be added to any of the above facials to maximise results of the treatments.

If you suffer or have any of these concerns: Acne, ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea, lipid dry or sensitive skin, then let us design a custom made facial for you.